A little this and a little that.



A few pieces that I thought would make an interesting combination - electroacoustic, vocal and string quartet and electronics.

I’ll be changing this from time to time.

For today -

1. Unravelling  3:56  Electroacoustic

2. Dialogue II  5:46 For a quartet of speaking voices.

    Performed by:

    David Anderson, Bruce Balentine, Bunny Hodges, Theresa Reeves Simpson

3. Prelude to Wolves at the Door  2:30  Voice and electronics

    The voice of Meg Agnew. Originally written as the prelude to the dance/theater

    piece of the same name. It was choreographed and performed by Theresa Reeves Simpson

4. Circle Square Triangle  12:36 For string Quartet and electronics

    Performed by the Soldier String Quartet:

    Laura Seaton Finn, David Soldier violins

    Ron Lawrence, viola

    Mary Wooten, Cello