Canto IV            Kevin Jones

mezzo soprano - Laila Salins

text by Kevin Jones

Measure #18

I heard a sad story today.

Wish I’d never heard it.

But I’ll tell you anyway.

Can’t say I’m a tease.

M. #34

So it goes like this:

Lightning bolt, crack of thunder,

Screeching tires, crumpling metal,

shattering glass.



M. #39

I told you it was sad.

But they’re not all sad.

There’s the one that goes:

M. #41

Sunrise. Rolling hills.

Sunrise. Desert.

Sunrise. Forest, ocean, sunset


M. #61

Waste want

I’m telling you now so I won’t have to later on.

Waste want

Things might be just as they seem

Then again…

M. #79

Once upon a time

There were stories

Tidy little tales

Beginning, middle and end

Stories had bad guys, and good guys

M. #89

I remember

It’s so much clutter and mess

M. #97

I remember stories

Though I try to forget

I’ve forgotten a few

But not nearly enough

M. #110


Once upon a time

There was this guy

And this girl

That’s one story

M. #118

Then there were these people.

A whole bunch of people.

But they minded their own business,

So we should too.

That’s another one

M. #131

Waste want

First there were the words

Then come the stories

Like moths to a flame

M. #137

If it looks like

Then maybe it is

Waste want

M. #142

Once upon a time

And you’re on your own

I remember in spite of myself

M. #153

I keep thinking

That if I just tell them enough

I’ll begin to forget

M. #158

Tell one, forget one

That’s my plan

Tell one, forget one.

M. #165

The sweet kiss turned sour

The unexpected kindness

The sunny day turned gray

Tell one, forget one

M. #171

The one where precious things

Get broken

Tell one, forget one

M. #175

The one where all the talking in the world

Does no good

Tell one, forget one

M. #179

The one where a few well chosen words

Do the trick

The one where there is a next time, after all

Tell one, forget one

M. #199

Bend, break

Your problem, not mine

Waste want

M. #206 - 235

Once upon a time

The sun broke through the clouds

Just for a moment

If you weren’t paying attention

You would have missed it.

I thought I’d forgotten that one. Oh well.

M. #257

Once upon a time

And there you are

M. #269

There was one time when…

No, maybe not that one.

M. #273

Then there was that time

Not so long ago…

Times like that,

Long gone

M. #283

Of course

Once upon a time

Is just the once

M. #289

Ask them,

They’ll tell you

Ask them.

No, not them.

M. #294

Give me a day without a story,

I’ll give you a kiss

M. #300

Little known, last in.

Long days lined up in a row.

Nice story. That’s the kind I like.

M. #304

I recall

They exchanged a quick glance

Fleeting, I think they call them

M. #312

Now and then I

Can’t help but wonder

M. #333

I wonder.

I try not to.

But trying is just trying, after all

M. #344

Once upon a time

They exchanged a quick glance.

Just a quick glance.

Who can blame them?

Not me.

M. #356

A glance.

A brief glance never hurt.

Don’t you think?

M. #361

Little known,

Less thought of.

Every story needs a little glance.

M. #370

Waste want.

Little glance.

Maybe a little kiss.